The ever changing environment gives rise to new opportunities. The opportunistic angler constantly challenges the new environment through the use of improved lures and techniques. The reward often arrives in a split second. A fierce battle between man and beast ensues, stretching the angler’s wits, strength and determination. The conquest of your dream fish is your motivation. Your dream is our motivation. The Origin Series lures are also suitable for Saltwater. Click here to view all Origin Series products.

Gecko, Giant Ruby , Twinkle, Live Flash Minnow Wriggly , SURGER, SKITTISH DOG, Live Flash Minnow, Giant Ruby, Gecko , Wonder Minnow, Sabre Dance, Ze-dog, Mini Chug, Ruby Crank, Rocker VIB (LRV)

The treacherous terrain of inshore bays is home to fearsome ambush predators and fearless lure anglers alike. It is the battlefield where man pits his strength, equipment and experience against the wild violence of nature. The Zerek Salt Water Craft Series is the supreme saltwater seduction and your advocate for ultimate saltwater conquests. Click here to view all Salt Water Craft Series products.

Live Mullet, Flat Shad Pro, Barra-x Pro, Live Shrimp Hot Legs , Fish Trap, Flat Shad , Snappin Cherabin, Live Cherabin, Live Shrimp, Tide Trail, Ripper Diver, Long Trail, Barra-X

Freshwater species being known to be more finicky over their saltwater counterparts, makes many freshwater predators worthy adversaries and prized trophies. Our Zerek Freshwater Craft Series of lures are designed to attract a wide range of predatory fish species by mimicking distress signals of injured prey and appealing to their natural instincts to go for the kill. FWCS will raise your expectations to a whole new level with our new innovative yet effective designs suiting different freshwater luring applications. Click here to view all FWCS Series products.

Gandalf , Zerek Bulldog , AUTO FROG, Venus Trap, Tango Shad, Popparazzi, Trail Weaver

The harsh and often high-octane level bluewater fishing conditions demands only the best lures fitted with the best hardware in the industry. All Bluewater Craft Limited lures are designed for the purpose of outlasting repeated strikes from toothy and hard fighting predators. Click here to view all Bluewater Craft Limited.

Speed Donkey , Zappelin, Thermite, Step Slider, Speed Slider, Chili Padi TG, Cavalla, PelagicZ