Shawn Ng is an all-round angler who is always keen to try out new fishing styles. One of the pioneers in Light Rock Fishing style, Shawn’s fishing varies from freshwater to saltwater, targeting species like Big Eye Scad, Barramundi, Giant Snakehead and Trevallies. He works at CatchBay as a retail manager and is always sharing his knowledge on fishing with the customers. Helping his customers achieve their target is what keeps him motivated.

Lemuel Li is a versatile angler who does all sorts of fishing, from Popping, Jigging to Luring. He is always on the hunt for Barramundi as they are an interesting species to target. As he works closely with Zerek’s product development team, He constantly gives feedback to improve on the next upcoming product. During his free time, he and his team would hit the waters to shoot and showcase Zerek Innovation’s latest products.

KH Cheng works as a professional fishing guide based in Malaysia. He has decided to turn his passion into his job as he brings anglers from all around the world to lakes and rivers targeting the infamous Giant Pacu which is also known as the freshwater GT. With his knowledge of freshwater fishing, he provides feedback to the product development team which helps to create the most effective Zerek lure for his quarry.

Sam Ong is a luring enthusiast who specializes in Freshwater fishing. His favourite targeted species includes Giant Snakehead, Black Bass and Hampala Barb.  Whenever he is targeting a new species, he likes to study its feeding pattern. After which, sharing tips on how to catch them with all anglers. With his years of fishing experience and knowledge, he always achieves his target!

Suhaimi is an avid angler who specializes in freshwater fishing. During his free time, he brings his boat out for some Giant Snakehead and Hampala fishing. With his perseverance, his hard work always pays off with fantastic catch reports. His favourite lure is the Zerek Gecko and Skittish Dog as the exciting top water takes keeps him coming back for more.

Ocos is an angling enthusiast from Kalimantan, Indonesia. He specializes in freshwater fishing targeting Giant Snakehead, Arowana and the ferocious Wallago Catfish, or more commonly known as Tapah. Always keen on trying out new stuff, he has recently started saltwater fishing, popping Giant Trevallies, as the exciting back-breaking fight keeps him going back from more! Some of his favourite lures includes the Ruby Crank and Tango Shad as he loves surprises from the deep. ‘’You will never know what to expect here in Kalimantan.’’

Icun is a professional fishing guide based in Berau, Indonesia. During the day, he takes on some of the strongest freshwater fishes such as Black Bass, Red Mahseer and Hampala Barb or more commonly known as the Sebarau. With his experience, he provides valuable feedback to the production team which helps us create lures to take on the toughest hits from the hardest fighting predators. His favourite lures are Tango Shad and the Barra-X Pro.

Khairol Azlan : BRUNEI PRO STAFF
Khairol Azlan aka Abit is a hardcore angler from Brunei who does all sorts of fishing. His is always on the hunt for species such as Giant Snakeheads and Black Bass as he loves the explosive top water action when they smash the lure on the surface. During his free time, he is always exploring new areas to fish putting Zerek’s lure to the ultimate test at highly pressured fishing areas. Some of his favourite lures includes Fish Trap, Gecko and Tango Shad. Follow him on his YouTube channel ‘’AbitFishingAdventures’’ as he shares footage on his fishing adventure.

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